Sunday, July 17, 2005

i am one lucky girl

i have never been this happy in my life!


sorry. just had to say it out loud. i won't go into the yucky-yucky details but words cannot describe how happy this man makes me feel. just want him to know that i love him dearly and appreciate his courage for coming for our kenduri even though he knew that he would look rather unfamiliar to the guests (read: not related by blood). i was probably trying to kid him (and myself) by telling him that no one would notice him, etcetera but when i tried to put myself into his shoes... terrifying. heh. sorry ah..

met a few members of his family today, and i thoroughly enjoyed myself. very friendly and joyful lot, like mom and tok mak. they made me feel at home. i wish i was here for longer and am dreading wednesday when i am flying back to the land-where-days-end-at-6. am going to miss my dear even though i know that he will be back 2 weeks later.

i guess deep down, i long for the day when i can come back for good and not have to worry about the 13-hour flight, motion sickness, or being homesick for the first 4 weeks. ikut rasa hati, i would like to do it now or in the near future. but what my mind says is a different thing.

i am procrastinating thinking or discussing about this. i don't know how it will be lah, but i am sure it will make me sad whatever happens..

haiya.. i thought this would be a cheery one.

p.s: delirium, visa went ok. met fiza at the place- sweet little girl. your long lost admirer (remember 10 things i hate about you? lol) is engaged and will get hitched end of the year i heard. life is full of surprises i tell you.

p.p.s: kudsi, i guess i have converted even more civilians (also known as the drifters) to anti-AW. heh. not my intention, was just conveying what i think about them. my bro is one big fan, and well, being related by blood do mean something. hehe.


Blogger kudo said...

so, bila lagi? carik pengapit perempuan cun-cun eh? boleh membohjan.


5:27 AM  
Blogger boo said...

membohjan?? lol.. you come out with such ridiculous words man! :D

6:10 AM  
Blogger kudo said...

have i come out with others? :P

2:18 PM  
Anonymous ash said...

kudo jahat..

4:10 AM  

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